LOVE | Shannon & David

Bride: Shannon

Groom: David

Wedding Date: 24 November 2018

Photographer: Tony from B Captured



How did you meet? 

We actually met at HQ 11 years before our wedding. Turns out he was best friends with my cousin which we had no idea of a the time.

How did he pop the big question?  

Dave had all these big ideas to propose to me and ended up getting nervous and just wanted to ask me so did it one weekend at our house. We woke up on Sunday morning and he asked me to help me lift something outside, I got annoyed as water had spilt on my ugg boots, he bent down to clean them and when I looked down he was on one knee with my beautiful diamond. Nothing like he had planned but was still a big shock to me.

Wedding Fever

Where did you draw inspiration from? 

Being a wedding and events manager I have seen so many styles of weddings over the years so I guess this has helped to choose a style early on. Pinterest was a great help but also my florist Lee – we went back and forth with endless discussions about flowers, colours etc.

Tell us about your wedding style? 

I have always known I wanted mine to be all white and just elegant, something I will still look back on for years to come and love.

What was the most memorable part of your day? 

There are so many parts of the day but for me it has to be walking down the isle, I always thought I would be a mess and cry on my own wedding day. But when I got out the car I was just so excited and ready to marry Dave. Walking the down I felt so calm and when I saw Dave I couldn’t stop smiling, it was the most amazing moment and total opposite of how I thought I would be.








What was the most challenging part of planning your wedding? 

Nothing for me was challenging, it helps that I also do this for a living. But I thrive on organising, I love it!!

Where did you honeymoon? Vietnam

What does marriage mean to you? 

It means a lot to me, I’m lucky to have grandparents who have been married for over 60 years and my own parents still married for over 30 years. It shows you are committed to this person and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Any advice you can give to future brides and grooms planning their wedding? 

The biggest tip I can recommend is on your wedding day switch off your phone, don’t look at the weather apps, don’t look at social media. Be in the moment with your closest girlfriends and take it all in, it goes by sooo quickly so don’t miss the small moments. You have spent so much time planning your special day, just enjoy the day and don’t sweat the small staff.



The Vendors Involved

Bridal Gown: Malachi Empire 

Grooms Suit: Roger David

Bridesmaid dresses: Pantsuits from Miss Holly the Label

I wanted something different and unique for my girls

Groomsmen Attire: Roger David

Ceremony Venue: Maximillians

Reception Venue: Maximillians

Photographer: B Captured (Tony)

Videographer: Mogg Visuals

Florist: Wyld Orchids

Hair: Sam Frost Hairstylist

Make Up: Beauty Bar by Amy Mackay

Styling & Planning: Chairs and Napkins from Sash Events, Lighting from Venue Productions, Floral Installations from Wyld Orchids

Stationary: Quick Creations

Catering: Maximillians

Wedding Cake: The Bake Space

Celebrant: Joylene Goldsworthy

DJ/MC and Entertainment: Lincoln

A Special mention to Claire from The Little Animal Co who bought our beautiful border collie Bailey to the ceremony to surprise Dave, best gift I could have ever gotten him


All Photographic Images belong to the bride, groom and photographer. Please refrain from redistributing without their permission. Thank You

This is Their Love Story

A Note From Sok Hoffmann

I absolutely love the All White Wedding style Shannon and David had created. I feel it is just so majestic and fresh. I met Shannon a few years ago while I took part in the Lakes Resort Open Days. Shannon had always been so organised, well planned and I didn't not expect any less when she came to book in for her gown 1 year in advance! I love the classic design on her gown, accentuating her gorgeous frame and embellishing the gown with very minor lace detailing. It is one of my most cherished gowns to date! 

Dearest Shannon, I wish You, David  & Bailey all the very best for many many years to come Xx Sok